Whose president is Trump? American? Or Russian?
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How does it feel to kill – by a drone? From the air? When you can't see the victim's face? When you never find out whether you have killed a professional soldier or a man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe on his way to a market, or to his family?

Is the end goal be-all and end-all? In art? In sports? Is the title of a champion sometimes too much to pay?

What is the price of radioactive waste? And how about corporate greed? Or a human life? Or a rebellion – in America? And how about Russia?

All of these topics, including many others, both current and everlasting, are the subject of the documentary movies and series that you will be able to watch on DOX TV from July 15th, 24 hours a day. Follow DoxTV on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

DOX TV is a new concept and a new way of looking at documentary content on our media market.

The program is carefully selected by editors, from the best festivals and the most eminent directors, so as to ask questions and give answers that will stay with us long after we've watched a movie or an episode of a series. It is filled with stories that inform and intrigue, entertain and educate, stories that analyze our reality, our past, our perspectives, the way that we live and comprehend the world. Edward Snowden, Donald Trump, Steven Hawking, Zlatan Ibrahimović, famous artists and entrepreneurs, revolutionaries and evolutionists, topics that are current and everlasting, stories about people, events and phenomena.

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