DOX TV offers a wide range of possibilities to advertisers.

Why advertise on DOX TV?

At a time when technology is developing fast, and the trends change from day to day, TV is still the leading medium, or channel for promotion. What has changed is that now we have over two hundred TV channels at our disposal, and we have become picky. We want the best content around the clock. Best for us - content that satisfies our curiosity and is suited to our interests.

DOX TV is a new IPTV channel, specializing in high-quality documentaries from all over the world, available in three markets. What does that mean for advertisers?

That means that, by advertising on DOX TV, you are addressing a segmented audience in an environment that is not cluttered with commercials, thus gaining much higher visibility, and also that you are reaching a targeted audience, matching the profile of your potential users or buyers, while paying less.

Different possibilities for advertisers:

  • Airing of commercial spots
  • Film sponsorship
  • Series sponsorship
  • Pop-up during a movie or series
  • Special advertising formats

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