About the Channel:

Ever since there was Man, there has been the need to understand. To understand for himself, to understand another.

Ever since there was Man, there has been the need to place the human experience in a context, to find its beginning and end, to discern its purpose and to give it meaning. That is why, ever since there was Man, stories have been told.

Stories give us structure. Stories give us shape. Stories give us answers, or at least questions. But not all stories are the same. Some are true, raw, perhaps brutal, deeper, more honest and human than others.

Such stories we call - documentaries.

A documentary is a fact - truth, or at least a version of truth. A documentary is reality. A documentary is stripped of embellishment, lies and fiction. And, at the heart of a documentary, there is a story that is not fictional.

Champions, revolutionaries, dictators, whores, ruffians, sports fans, clichés, knees scraped, the ruined, full of hope, the resigned, joyful, cooks and junkies, victims and the sacrificed, on the street, in a bed, on the sand, with sand in the eyes, on the asphalt, in a sentence, in a frame...

All of them. All of us.

Because the best documentaries are not stories about them. They are the stories about us. The stories we breathe, the stories we walk, the stories we feel.

The stories we live.

About Us:

DOX TV is an IPTV channel specializing in high-quality documentaries from all over the world, focusing on auteur films.

Our specialty is reflected in showing films that first and foremost deal with people, from new and unexpected perspectives. The subjects we are choosing are at the same time fun, educative, but also provocative. Films on DOX TV always take the viewer a step further, so there you will also find films with controversial and taboo topics.

Our wish is to acquaint the audience with the best documentaries of our time, films that show what is actually going on in the world around us, films that offer us new experiences, touch us and awaken our interest in other people, other cultures and customs, films that take us on a journey into the unknown, and show us beauty and goodness in the most unexpected places. These are films for an audience that cares for people that surround them and the society they live in, films that make us think and initiate discussion.