About the Channel:

Welcome to the golden age of documentaries! This is your chance to explore the best documentaries of the day.

With DOX TV, you can dive deep into the endless stories told from different perspectives, spaces and dimensions.

With our shows and movies, we are breaking the borders and uncovering everything.

From unknown facts about famous people and even more famous events, to the current, historical and always truthful themes and genres.

You will see true crime stories, unknown biographies of well known people, vigorous adventure, the other side of history, the biggest local and world class sport stories, endless action and shocking and provocative confessions.

For you, on DOX TV, we're making an ideal combination: awarded documentary box-office hits and exciting shows from all over the world.

Discover everything you always wanted to know, everything you didn't know that you know. Look at the world with new eyes and uncover the reality in which we live.

Dive into the new experience of documentaries. All in one place, 24/7.

DOX TV. Truth uncovered.

About Us:

DOX TV is an IPTV channel specialized in bringing carefully selected documentaries from around the world and the region to your home.

The themes of our films are at once fun, educational and current, while exploring science and modern technology, adventure as well as unknown history. Through a wide range of always relevant themes and genres, DOX TV has a goal to become more than a TV channel. We want to inspire and create a new experience of documentaries for our viewers.

Behind DOX TV is a team of young, ambitious and unique people who are directing their knowledge and talents towards creating a channel broadcasting the best of today's documentaries. We have gained our experience and skills while building a TV channel that has almost a cult following among the local audience, becoming synonymous with regional movies and series –  Klasik TV.

Driven by our success and the response we got from our viewers, we decided to make one step further – by creating a channel that is locally based, but has a world-class appeal. And that's what DOX TV is all about.