The Age of Aluminium

An up-close view and fascinating real-life thriller of the controversial material aluminium that silently has found its way into every facet of our daily lives

Not even a century ago Aluminium was largely unknown.Now it’s almost everywhere: We drink out of aluminium-cans. Our cars have alloy rims. We use it to clean up the water we drink. We apply it on our bodies when we use cosmetics, deodorants or sun cream. We even inject aluminium-adjuvants into the muscles of our youngest in vaccinations. The Aluminium-Industry booms - but also draws a lot of criticism because of pollution and the enormous amounts of energy it needs. Now more and more evidence shows that aluminium might be the long sought“environmental factor” that plays a role in the genesis of diseases like Alzheimer‘s and other plagues of modern civilisation.A light metal with serious consequences?A light metal with dark impact?




Bert Ehgartner







1h 33min